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The Humane League UK

The Humane League UK works to reduce animal suffering by empowering individuals, advocating for corporate and legislative change, and inspiring a new generation of animal advocates.

It aims to protect animals from factory farms, animal testing, and other forms of animal cruelty, through initiatives and campaigns including public education, corporate outreach, and direct action.

£1 = 5 farm animals spared (estimated)1
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What the research says
We believe that THL’s corporate campaigns and work to strengthen the animal advocacy movement are especially strong. THL often takes the lead in collaborating with other groups to facilitate knowledge-sharing about their strategic approach. They seem to have played an important role in strengthening the animal advocacy movement outside of the U.S. by training and collaborating with other organizations ...

We find THL to be an excellent giving opportunity because of their strong programs aimed at improving the welfare standards of farmed animals and strengthening the animal advocacy movement across multiple countries.
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We Will Look Back on This Age of Cruelty to Animals in Horror

"The overwhelming majority of ... animals are raised and killed in conditions with no analogue in history, and they suffer terribly. But farm animals are often an afterthought even in animal-related giving, in which two-thirds of money goes to shelters."

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Want to help animals? Focus on corporate decisions, not people’s plates.

"The most cost-effective way to help animals on factory farms seems to be campaigns targeting suppliers, not targeting consumers."

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1 Impact based on analysis by Animal Charity Evaluators: Rough estimate of total number of farmed animals spared per dollar THL spent, 50th percentile = 4.699