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Reinforce your company culture and inspire a deeper sense of purpose with Tyve’s employee giving app.

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Tyve's Giving App

Modern charitable giving powered by your employees.

Employees handpick charities

Employees build a personal charity portfolio. Donations are made through payroll, tax-free via a simple app.

Companies top up donations

Choose any amount to top up as a one off or every month.

Celebrate your impact together

Receive company-wide impact report on your collective achievements.

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Driven and championed by employees

Shape a CSR initiative representative of the passions of your people, by empowering your employees to drive company giving.


Represent everybody's passions

Because giving choices are personal it means more than a one-size-fits-all CSR programme.


Unlock social motivation

Employees feel they're contributing a percentage of their efforts to something they're truly passionate about.


Bring your team together

Enable people to bond through a shared common goal.

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Employees love Tyve

“I’m giving on my terms, which ultimately makes it more rewarding for me.”

Henry Pethybridge

“I’m proud that Founders Forum gives us the opportunity to contribute.”

Founders Forum

“I loved digging into the research - I'm confident my donations are having an impact.”

Ellie Lawson
Entrepreneur First
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Benefits for employees

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Donations come from pre-tax salary, so employees don’t pay income tax on contributions.

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Pause or change contributions anytime. No awkward charity break up call.

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Employees build a charity portfolio that reflect what matters to them.

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Feel confident about the impact of donations. Use our research-backed charity recommendations.

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“Tyve takes out all the admin of helping our employees donate to charity in a tax-efficient way.“

Chris Frey, Head of Finance
Chris Frey
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Learn how Tyve can work for you

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