Boost team morale with a new kind of giving.

Bring your team together with a fun, high impact giving seminar. Learn how you can do the most good in the fight against COVID-19, climate change, women's empowerment and more.

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Tyve's Impact Gift

How Tyve impact gifts and seminars work

Give an impact gift

Give everyone £10 to donate to any charity through Tyve.

Lunch & Learn

Host a "Lunch & Give" to learn how to have the most impact.

Celebrate your impact together

Get updates and feedback on the impact of donations through slack.

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Driven and championed by employees

Shape a CSR initiative representative of the passions of your people, by empowering your employees to drive company giving.


Energise your team

We know from science that giving is a happiness booster - empower your team to make a difference.


Learn what makes the most difference

Cut through the noise of charity appeals and find the nonprofits that work best to fight problems like COVID-19, climate change and mental health.


Bring your people together

Opening up over zoom is hard. Sharing what matters to us bonds us closer together.

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Employees love Tyve

“I’m giving on my terms, which ultimately makes it more rewarding for me.”

Henry Pethybridge

“I’m proud that Founders Forum gives us the opportunity to contribute.”

Founders Forum

“I loved digging into the research - I'm confident my donations are having an impact.”

Ellie Lawson
Entrepreneur First
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Benefits for employees

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Donations come from pre-tax salary, so employees don’t pay income tax on contributions.

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Pause or change contributions anytime. No awkward charity break up call.

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Employees build a charity portfolio that reflect what matters to them.

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Feel confident about the impact of donations. Use our research-backed charity recommendations.

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“Fantastic way to bond the team at this time. This is one of the best presentations we’ve run - got the team really engaged“

Louis Warner, COO
Louis Warner
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Learn how Tyve can work for you

See a demo to see if Tyve is the right fit for your workplace

One of our staff members will contact you to schedule a demo.
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