Transform your payroll into a force for good

Tyve is a beautifully simple way for employees to give to charity from pre-tax earnings. And for companies to track and celebrate their team’s collective impact.

And it doesn’t cost a penny. £0 per user, per month. 100% of donations go to charity.

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Charitable giving, with automatic tax benefits

Employees can set up a monthly donation as a fixed amount or a % of earnings.

Donations are taken from pre-tax earnings, so the tax benefits from the donation are captured immediately. Employees can give more for less, automatically.

The tax benefits that employees can achieve when donating through Tyve

Help solve the world’s most pressing problems

Employees can give to any UK charity. Or they can increase their collective impact by choosing from our short-list of highly effective charities.

These recommended charities cover a range of causes, from global poverty to climate change to animal welfare.

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Celebrate the good that you’ve done, together

Track your team’s collective impact.

Not just the £ raised, but the lives changed, the carbon emissions averted, the animals spared - the things that really matter.*

* Impact tracking only available for donations to Tyve’s top charities.

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I’m proud that Founders Forum gives employees the opportunity to contribute.

Tyve is the perfect way to support the causes we care about.
Max Bray
Chief of Staff, Founders Forum