the easiest way to give as you earn

Tyve is a simple—and completely free to use—payroll giving tool for UK employees.

Companies can set it up in minutes.

Then employees can give to charity each month from their pre-tax earnings.


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Diagram showing elements of Tyve Give As You Earn

Giving regularly should feel rewarding

It shouldn't feel like just another admin chore

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You want all your donations in one place ...

... not split across multiple websites, credit cards and direct debits

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You want real world impact you can track ...

... not just ‘money goes out and hope for the best’

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You want immediate, automatic tax benefits ...

... not the hassle of claims on your tax return (where were those receipts again?)

See how Tyve works for employees and for companies

How Tyve works (in 81 seconds)

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Don’t want to watch a video? Here’s how Tyve works for employees and for companies.

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Why GoSquared Uses Tyve
We're really thrilled with Tyve.

The team is so engaged with it and it's become a core part of the culture and values of the company to do more charitable giving.
James Gill from GoSquared
James Gill | CEO
Hear more from James
Tyve is free to USE and totally secure
per month
to charity
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all donations processed by the CHARITIES TRUST

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