A simple way to help your employees do good

Allow your employees to give to any charity they want, straight from salary, and get the full tax benefit automatically. Get set up in minutes.

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Donating straight from salary is the most tax-effective and easiest way to give.

Donations are pre-tax. No need to worry about tax rates and claims. Employees can give more for less automatically.

Monthly donation with breakdown including tax-savings
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One programme to support all your employees

Several employees might believe passionately in climate action, while another feels strongly about global poverty. Support everybody and their personal giving choices.

Manage donations in one place

No more awkward phone calls or hard to cancel direct debits. Employees control all their charitable donations in one giving app.

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100% to Charity

No hidden fees, 100% of donations goes to charity.

Two money bills
Match Donations

Setup one-off top-ups, match donations throughout the year, or set a monthly fixed budget.

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Slack and Email Updates

Recieve slack updates on your companies collective impact.

Simple for finance, Low admin

Get the deductions you need in a simple CSV and make one bulk payment each month.

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