Tyve recommends the world’s most effective charities

Through Tyve, you can donate to any of the 165,000+ charities registered in England and Wales. From big global charities, to small local ones, they're all here.

In addition, we recommend a small number of highly effective charities that deliver exceptional impact for each £ donated.*

* Tyve does not have any relationship with these charities and receives no financial benefit for recommending them.
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Save lives

Against Malaria Foundation

Preventing the spread of malaria by distributing insecticide-treated bed nets to families living in malaria-prone areas.

£5 = one anti-malaria bed net, protecting two people against malaria
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Create economic opportunity


Helping families living in extreme poverty by sending money to them directly, with no strings attached.

£400 = one person lifted out of extreme poverty for one year
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Help women & girls


Treating depression in low-income women and adolescents by providing group therapy, delivered by community health workers.

£200 = one woman treated for severe depression
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Tackle climate change

Clean Air Task Force

Working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change by developing and promoting clean energy technologies and policies, with a focus on the power sector.

£1 = one tonne of carbon-equivalent emissions averted (estimated)
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Reduce animal suffering

The Humane League UK

Ending the abuse of animals raised for food by influencing the policies of the world’s biggest companies, demanding legislation, and empowering others to take action.

£1 = 5 farm animals spared (estimated)
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Prevent pandemics

Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins

Protecting people’s health from epidemics and disasters and ensuring that communities are resilient to major challenges.

All funding supports work on health security and public health preparedness
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