Simple to set up and administer

Tyve is an employee benefit that your team will actually use (and love).

Whether you’re setting up payroll giving for the first time or you’ve been using it for years, our team and our system does the heavy lifting for you.

Quick set up

Our streamlined set up process can have your company Tyve account active and ready to use in minutes.

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Launch with excitement

We do a 20 minute presentation (in person or virtual) to launch Tyve at your company.

It’s light. It’s engaging. It’s the ‘secret ingredient’ that gets employees excited about giving through Tyve.

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Easy monthly workflow

You’ll need to complete just two simple steps each month: making deductions from your payroll (like you would for any salary sacrifice benefit) and making a  single payment for the total deduction amount to the Charities Trust.*

We handle everything else in the background.

* The Charities Trust is an HMRC approved payroll giving agency that we’ve partnered with to handle all donation through Tyve.

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Optional: donation matching

You can choose to match employee donations whenever the time seems right.

Tyve has multiple ways to match donations, so you can reward and incentivise employee giving in a way that works for your company.

Matching donation from the company
Tyve is free to USE and totally secure
per month
to charity
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all donations processed by the CHARITIES TRUST
It's literally as easy as filling in a form before you start, and then making the deductions each month.

Tyve handle everything else in the background.
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Chris Frey | Financial Controller

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