Employee FAQs

What is Tyve?

Tyve is a workplace giving platform that makes it easier than ever to make a real difference. As your donation is taken from your pre-tax earnings, the tax benefits from your donation are captured immediately. So you give more for less, automatically.

How does it work?

Employees can get set up with Tyve accounts in minutes.
  • Create your Tyve account and select charities. Set your monthly donation amount (as a fixed amount or a % of e, select charities and allocate your donation between them. Donations are taken from your pre-tax e, so the tax benefits from your donation are captured immediately. You can give more for less, automatically.
  • Update or cancel your donations whenever you like. No more awkward phone calls or hard to cancel direct debits. You control all your charitable donations in your individual giving account.
  • Keep your account and giving history for as long as you like. Moving companies? Don’t worry, you can keep access to your account and past donations. You can even port the account across to your new company if they also use Tyve.

Can I change my giving amount and charities?

Yes, you can make changes at any time. Your choices will only take effect at the next pay day.

How much tax will I save?

You will save the income tax that you would have paid on the donation amount. Take a look at our tax calculator on the start page to see roughly how much this would be for you. You still pay the same national insurance, student loan repayment and pension contribution.

What charities can I give to?

You can give to any UK registered charity, of course. Or you can choose from our short-list of highly effective charities across a range of causes.

How do you choose your top charities?

We use high-quality 3rd party research by GiveWell and Founders Pledge to identify charities that deliver exceptional impact for each £ donated.

The impact for each charity reflects the best estimate that could be made on the data available at the time of writing. Sources for impact estimates include GiveWell (for Against Malaria Foundation), Founders Pledge (for Clean Air Task Force and Strong Minds) and Animal Charity Evaluators (for The Humane League).

How can I see the impact my individual donations are having?

We’re working on building individual impact reports for all donations to our recommended charities. In the meantime, your company will receive quarterly reports showing the real world impact that your team’s donations are having.

Does Tyve cost anything to use?

Tyve doesn't charge fees to companies or to employees. We operate as a non-profit with a goal of doing as much good as possible. More about us.

Other questions or feedback?

Send us a email on info@tyve.org. We’d be delighted to hear from you!