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Why Tyve?

Tyve aims to bring team's closer together through workplace giving. Giving together can be more fun, more meaningful and can strengthen the bonds between those who do it (that's what the research says).

With Tyve, you can rally around causes that you and you team believe in. And then track—and celebrate—your team’s collective impact. Not just the £ raised, but the lives changed, the carbon emissions averted, the animals spared - the things that really matter.*
* Impact tracking only available for donations to Tyve’s top charities.

How does Tyve benefit my employees?

Tyve uses a 'payroll giving' model. Donations are taken from pre-tax earnings, so the tax benefits from the donation are captured immediately. Employees can give more for less, automatically.

As well as ensuring donations as tax efficient, Tyve makes giving easier than ever. Each employee has an individual giving account, so they can update or cancel your donations whenever you like. No more awkward phone calls or hard to cancel direct debits.

And we've taken the difficulty out of figuring out which charities to support. Employees can give to any UK charity, of course. Or they can choose from our short-list of highly effective charities across a range of causes. We use high-quality 3rd party research by GiveWell and Founders Pledge to identify charities that deliver exceptional impact for each £ donated.

How much tax could my employees save?

In 2022, the average employee using Tyve gave £76/month to charity, straight from pre-tax earnings. Without Tyve, they would have needed £113 in pre-tax earnings to make the same donation— first paying £37 in tax to HMRC*, then donating the remaining £76.

Tyve saves the average employee £37/month or £447/year.
* Tyve users have an average marginal tax rate of 33%.

How does it work?

We’ve designed Tyve to be as easy to use as possible.
  • Tyve gets you set up in minutes and helps you onboard employees. Tyve provides ready-to-use internal comms material and can do an (optional) interactive presentation to employees.
  • Employees set up their accounts and select their charities. Each employee gets their own individual account, controlling their donation amount and the charities they support.
  • You receive regular reports on your team’s collective impact. Quarterly reports show the real world impact that your team’s donations are having, for all donations made to Tyve’s top charities. Report content is easy to clip and share via Slack, email or in internal presentations.
  • Optional: match employee donations. When getting set up on Tyve you can opt to set up one-off top-ups, match donations throughout the year, or set a monthly fixed budget.

What kind of ongoing admin is required to use Tyve?

There is limited ongoing admin for any company using Tyve. Every month we will send you a simple CSV with deductions to make from payroll for your employees. We will then send a letter asking you to transfer the total amount of your team’s donations in a single bulk payment. Simple!

How are donations transferred to charities?

Tyve never holds donated funds. You transfer your team’s donations to the Charities Trust, an HMRC approved Payroll Giving agency. Tyve then sends instructions to the Charities Trust on how donations should be split between charities, based on the individual charity allocations made by your employees.

What data protection procedures do you have in place to ensure employee information is protected?

We take data protection seriously. There are two key things to know:
We are explicit and transparent about the data we collect. We limit data use to only what is necessary.
Employees opt-in to share their salary and employee ID during sign up. Salary information is only requested for employees who are giving a % of earnings and is only used for the purpose of this calculation, and nothing else.
We handle all data securely.
Key points in the process to note:
  1. Uploading company and employee data. Our secure SSL upload portal means you can upload employee data directly rather than sending it over email.
  2. Storing data. We store sensitive files with Amazon Web Services (AWS) static file storage service using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Dynamic database rows are stored in a secure AWS service.
  3. Sending data to Charities Trust. We transfer data through a secure API.
  4. Sending data to your company. We provide encrypted links with a short time expiration so you can download securely.
  5. Data access. Only select administrators at Tyve are able to access sensitive data.
If you’d like to further discuss how we comply with the Data Protection Act in further detail, please get in touch at

Other questions or feedback?

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