A motivating and rewarding way for employees to give

Tyve makes it easy to Give As You Earn. So you can match your charitable giving to your personal values and financial circumstances.

Individual giving accounts

Employees create their accounts in seconds, set their giving amount and select their charities.

You can make changes at any time. There’s no lock in, no direct debits to switch off, no awkward charity break-up phone calls.

It’s giving on your terms.

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Recommended charities

You can give to any UK charity. Or you can select from our short-list of highly effective charities.

These recommended charities cover a range of causes, from saving lives to tackling climate change.

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Impact reporting

Employees and companies can track the impact of donations to Tyve’s recommended charities.

Not just the £ raised, but the lives changed, the carbon emissions averted, the animals spared - the things that really matter.

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Automatic tax benefits

Donations are taken from directly pre-tax earnings, as a ‘salary sacrifice’. So the tax benefits from the donation are captured immediately and automatically.

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Why Founders Keepers Uses Tyve
Tyve gives you freedom and flexibility to donate to various causes that you are passionate about and change it throughout the year.
Anna Sophia Derry from Founders Keepers
Anna Sophia Derry | People Ops Manager
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