Boost team morale with a giving workshop

Bring your remote team together with Tyve's educational and uplifting virtual events based around impactful charitable giving.

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Virtual giving workshop
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“Fantastic way to bond the team at this time. This is one of the most engaging presentations we’ve run - got the team really excited.“

Louis Warner, COO
Louis Warner
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How it works

Give an impact gift

Give an impact gift of £10 to everyone to donate to any charity during Tyve's charity seminar.

Lunch & Give

Tyve hosts an educational and fun virtual seminar where you learn how to have the most impact when donating to charity.

Celebrate your impact together

Get updates and feedback on the impact of your donations through slack.


Learn together

Cut through the noise of charity appeals and find the nonprofits that work best to fight problems like COVID-19, climate change and mental health.

Share and bond

Discover and bond over causes that matter to you and your teammates.


Give back

We know from science that giving is a happiness booster - empower your team to make a difference.

Give monthly after your seminar

Ready for positive impact?

We'll contact you to schedule your workshop.
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