Impact tracking for companies

Companies can see the collective impact of their team’s donations to any of Tyve’s recommended charities.

As well as the total £s donated by their team, they can see real world metrics like 🤱🏽 people protected against malaria or 🌍 estimated tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions averted.

How this works

Companies receive reports every 6 months showing:

💰 Donations by employees, donations through company matching

🧑🏽 Employee participation rate

📈 The real world impact of donations to Tyve’s recommended charities

Why only for recommended charities? How does Tyve calculate impact?

Tyve recommends a limited number of charities, based on research from charity evaluators like GiveWell and Founders Pledge.

These charity evaluators use empirical studies, often in the form of Randomised Controlled Trials, to measure the impact of charities across a range of causes.

Tyve uses these impact measurements to recommend charities that deliver exceptional impact for each £ donated. We now also use these measurements to track the impact of individual donations.

More details on the impact measurements can be found on the webpages for each of Tyve’s recommended charities.

Will Tyve track impact for more charities in future?

Quite possibly!

We regularly review Tyve’s recommended charities and expect to make changes based on the latest research coming from charity evaluators.

Impact tracking will be added for any organisation that gets included in Tyve’s recommended charities in future.