Employer FAQ

Why Tyve?

Tyve embeds purpose into your team’s work.

We all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Giving a percentage of our salary is a way of contributing a percentage of our efforts each day to the causes we care about.

But we don’t want to be told where to give and we want to feel our charities actually make a difference.

Tyve empowers your team to take control of their personal giving and donate to research backed charities.

Benefits for your team


No more awkward charity phone calls. Change your percentage any time. If you need to save for a month or two drop it down to zero.


Build your own charity portfolio. Add any number of U.K. charities or choose from our recommendations in 7 causes areas including Climate Change, Women’s Empowerment and Mental Health.

Tax effective

Give 25%-80% through tax effective giving. You don’t pay income tax on your gift so the cost of your donation is much less than you might expect.

How it works

  • We’ll get your team excited about a new kind of giving.
  • Our presentation covers how you can take control of donations and know how much impact you’re having.
  • Fill out our quick form and we’ll generate a contract for you to sign online so you can start donating.
  • The contract you’ll sign is with Charities Trust who administer all donations.
  • We’ll send your finance team the amount you need to deduct from each employee and the bulk amount to pay each month.
  • We send this in one simple spreadsheet using an encrypted link to keep your data secure.

What data protection procedures do you have in place to ensure information like salary is protected?

We take data protection seriously. There are two key things to know:

1. We are explicit and transparent about the data we collect. We limit data use to only what is necessary.

Employees opt-in to share their salary and employee ID during sign up. Salary information is only used to calculate individuals giving total and nothing else.

2. We handle all data securely.

Key points in the process to note:

  1. Uploading from your company. Our secure SSL upload portal means we never ask you to email sensitive data.
  2. Storing data. We store sensitive files with Amazon Web Services (AWS) static file storage service using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Dynamic database rows are stored in a secure AWS service.
  3. Sending data to Charities Trust. We transfer data through a secure API.
  4. Sending data to your company. We provide encrypted links with a short time expiration so you can download securely.
  5. Data access. Only select administrators at Tyve are able to access sensitive data.

If you’d like to further discuss how we comply with the Data Protection Act in further detail, please get in touch at info@tyve.org

Other questions or feedback?

Just email us on info@tyve.org - we’d be delighted to hear from you!