A simple way to make a big difference

Make your giving go further by donating from pre-tax earnings.

Choose any UK charity to give to. Or rally your team around one or two highly effective charities—and track the impact that you can make, together.

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How it works for Employees
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Create your giving account and select charities

Set your monthly donation amount, select charities and allocate your donation between them.

As your donation is taken from your pre-tax earnings, the tax benefits from your donation are captured immediately. So you can give more for less, automatically.

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Update or cancel your donations whenever you like

No awkward phone calls or hard to cancel direct debits. You control all your charitable donations in your individual giving account.

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See your team’s collective impact

Your company receives quarterly reports showing the real world impact that your team’s donations are having.*

* Impact tracking only available for donations to Tyve’s top charities.
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Keep your account and giving history for as long as you like

Moving companies? Don’t worry, you can keep access to your account and past donations.

You can even port the account across to your new company if they also use Tyve.

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I really like the flexibility Tyve gives you. I don't feel like I am being locked in to an arrangement I can’t change.

I’m giving on my terms, which ultimately makes it more rewarding for me.
Henry Pethybridge
Global Director of Growth Markets, WiredScore