Employee FAQ

What is Tyve?

Tyve is a simple way to give pre-income tax by giving through your paycheck. We provide a tool to select a percentage of your salary to give and to build a portfolio of charities which you can change anytime ahead of your next payday.

How does it work?

  1. Your employer first provides you with a sign-up form where you can select your giving percentage and charity portfolio.
  2. We’ll ask your employer to deduct the right amount from your salary each month before income tax is taken out and make a bulk payment to Charities Trust.
  3. We’ll let Charities Trust know your selection so they can pass on your donations.

Can I change my giving percentage and charities?

Yes, anytime! Your choices only take effect at the next payday.

How much tax will I save?

You will save the income tax you would have paid on the donation. Check out our tax calculator on the register page to see roughly how much this will be for you. You still pay the same national insurance, student loan repayment and pension contribution.

How is it free?

Your employer covers the costs of the admin fees so 100% of your donation go to the charities you choose.

What charities can I give to?

You can give to any number of U.K. charities as well as the charities in our recommendation list.

How do you choose your recommended charities?

All our charity recommendations come from research conducted by GiveWell and Founders Pledge.

Can I give a % of my base salary, rather than including my bonus?

Yes - just email us to let us know: info@tyve.org

Other questions or feedback?

Just email us on info@tyve.org - we’d be delighted to hear from you!