Going live with Tyve

We'll get you live in no time!

Launching something new should feel fun, not exhausting. So we do the heavy lifting for you, from setting up your account to getting your team excited about giving to charity. 🎉

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Set up your company account in minutes

We’ll book a quick (20 mins) call to get you set up. During the call we’ll complete a 1 page onboarding form and ask you to accept the Tyve Terms and Conditions and sign a payroll giving agreement with the Charities Trust*.

We’ll also use the call to lock in a time for the Tyve launch presentation.

* The Charities Trust is the HMRC approved payroll giving agency that will be handling the money from your employees’ donations. You can ignore the section on fees in the Charities Trust agreement—Tyve covers these for you 😎.
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Announce Tyve to your team

Once you have your account set up and the presentation date booked in, it’s time to tell your team the great news! 💥

In case you’re stuck for words (or just fancy saving yourself a bit of time), here's some copy you could use for the announcement. You could also share a link to the 'trailer' for the launch event (see next section).

And if your company is matching employee donations in any way, now would be a great time to mention it.

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Enjoy the Tyve launch event

We give a 30 min presentation to get the team excited about giving.

There’s an interactive quiz midway through the presentation to help keep people engaged. 🧐

If there’s an internal advocate (from the founders / exec / people team) who wants to give a short intro to Tyve before the presentation starts, that can be really powerful!

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Add Tyve to your employee onboarding flow

Hopefully existing employees will be able to attend the launch presentation (we’ll also send the slides across afterwards). But you’re probably growing fast and have new team members joining all the time.

Having a section on Tyve in your onboarding deck and/or on your internal employee portal can be super helpful for those new joiners. Here’s some copy and images you could use.