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StrongMinds treats depression in women and girls using group interpersonal psychotherapy, delivered by counselors who are part of the community in which they operate.

Over 8-10 sessions, counsellors guide structured discussions to help participants identify the underlying triggers of their depression. Together, they strategise solutions to their problems, learn coping mechanisms, practice interpersonal skills, and identify support structures that they can continue to lean on after therapy has ended.

£200 = one woman treated for severe depression1
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What the research says
Following a search through over one hundred mental health charities, we decided to recommend StrongMinds as the best donation opportunity in the space that we were able to find. ...

They have a good track record and a strong focus on generating evidence. They are transparent about their mistakes and lessons, and are committed to continuous improvement.
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1 Impact based on analysis by Founders Pledge: "We estimate that StrongMinds prevent the equivalent of one year of severe major depressive disorder for a woman at a cost of $200–$299, with a best guess estimate of $248."