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Clean Air Task Force

The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change by developing and promoting clean energy technologies and policies, with a focus on the power sector.

It also advocates for the adoption of policies that support the transition to a low-carbon economy and the implementation of regulations that reduce emissions.

£1 = one tonne of carbon-equivalent emissions averted (estimated)1
A power plant at sunset emitting lots of smoke
What the research says
The Clean Air Task Force is our top pick in climate change. They combine high-quality research on climate policy, with a demonstrated ability to achieve major policy change on a small budget. ...

They focus on innovation in neglected low-carbon technologies, which is our priority climate change intervention. Their project prioritisation aims explicitly to maximise climate impact.
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“Unless you’re a scientist or policy wonk, figuring out who’s actually making a difference can feel like an impossible task. ...”

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1 Impact based on Founders Pledge report (page 88): "According to our rough model, through their past work, [CATF] have averted a tonne of CO2e for around $1. ... Given their track record and the nature of their future projects, we think it is likely that a donation to CATF would avert a tonne of CO2e for $0.10-$1."