Charities Update

adding givedirectly to tyve’s recommended charities

31 May 2023

Earlier this year, we added GiveDirectly to Tyve’s list of recommended, research-backed charities.

GiveDirectly is a unique charity providing direct cash transfers to those in need.

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Why GiveDirectly?

GiveDirectly gives cash directly to individuals and households living in extreme poverty, with no strings attached. Recipients can choose how to spend the money, making their own decisions about how best to improve their lives.

It costs ~£400 to pull one person out of extreme poverty for a year. That’s just over £1/day.

Here’s what charity evaluator GiveWell says about GiveDirectly:

Evidence of impact [is] exceptionally strong. Many high-quality studies show that recipients use money to buy goods that improve their lives. … Many participants make investments in business and agricultural assets, housing, and education.

You can find out more about GiveDirectly here (including some pretty good videos from its YouTube channel).

Interested in donating to GiveDirectly?

You can easily add it to your charity portfolio by selecting it from the recommended charities section in your Tyve account.

GIF showing how to find GiveDirectly in a Tyve account